Microcirculation represents a relevant area for the definition of vascular patients and for a proper diagnosis.

Between the different methods available, Capillaroscopy represents a strong help for clinicians, evaluating different vascular diseases, like PAD Lymphatics Venous to better understand the microcirculatory involvement as well, in some diseases, the possible prognosis. In some conditions like Raynaud,   Acrocianosys.., Capillaroscopy represents the diagnostic approach able to distinguish between primary and secondary condition as well as to make possible early diagnosis and better prognosis.

Specialists in Angiology/Vascular medicine (synonymous in Europe) have to consider Capillaroscopy one of the most suitable and useful diagnostic approaches,  included in the UEMS European Training Requirements for Angiology/Vascular medicine.

The proposed Course is basic, very clear and supported by pictures as well as indications and essential bibliography.

The Teacher Antonella Marcoccia, as all the recognized Teachers of the VAS Courses, is member of the VAS International Academy and runs a VAS Reference Center of Excellence in Italy.

The Course is also part of the activity of the VAS European Microcirculation WG.

The Course being on UEMS Accredited VAS-Campus Platform, gives EACCME Credits (if requested on the application).

For more info please use: elisabetta.grande@unimi.it