European Course on  Sclerotherapy by VAS-SFP
Ref.  Dr C. Hamel-Desnos and Dr JJ Guex

A Joint Course on Sclerotherapy

Certified E-Learning
Final Exam – MCQ’s on line
Official Language – English

Course Material: Videos, Slides, Selected Papers, MCQ’s

Additional Offers Enrolled Candidates will be:

Short practical stages (optionals, to be agree)
Vas Membership and inclusion to VAS Mailing List even when the course is concluded


VAS Certificate (EACCME Requested)

Admission Criteria:
Medical Degree

Specialist Interest:
Angiology/Vascular Medicine, Rheumatology, Dermatology, Specialists in Cardiovascular Area, Internal Medicine

A - Lessons 1-9

·         Basis of anatomy and echo-anatomy of the superficial venous system (F Forgues)

·         How to make a mapping in daily practice (F Forgues)

·         Sclerosing agents; how to make foam (JJ Guex)

·         Specifities of sclerotherapy for C1 (C Hamel-Desnos)

·         Technical basis for visual sclerotherapy (JJ Guex)

·         Indications, contra indications and limits of sclerotherapy; guidelines (JJ Guex)

·         Strategy and tactics for sclerotherapy treatment (how to optimise the treatment) (JJ Guex)

·         Ultra-sound guided Foam Sclerotherapy: technique (C Hamel-Desnos)

·         Complications of sclerotherapy; how to prevent them (M Josnin)


B – 2 Clinical Cases Lessons

C – 4 Training Lessons

·         Equipment and training to make foam and sclerotherapy

·         Duplex scan examinations

·         Training for US guided sclerotherapy (fantoms)

·         Mapping and marking


Mariella CATALANO ; Milan- Italy

Philippe DESNOS; Caen-France

Fannie FORGUES ; Toulouse-France

Jean-Jérôme GUEX; Nice-France

Claudine HAMEL-DESNOS; Caen-France

Matthieu JOSNIN ; La Roche sur Yon- France

Nicolas NEAUME, Toulouse- France


 € 220

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IBAN IT74 V034 4033 0300 0000 0161 200

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